Questions Collective is an Amsterdam based interdisciplinary collective consisting of five artists:

Céline Talens: Theatre director & Performer (Antwerp University, Sandberg Institute).

Julia Veldman C: Visual Storyteller (Design Academy Eindhoven).

ROOSPEEE: Artist & Musician (Auto-didact).

Tessel Brühl: Artist & Designer (Design Academy Eindhoven, Sandberg Institute).

Flavia Faas: Composer & Dancer (Conservatorium of Amsterdam, Hochschule für die Darstellenden Künste Die Etage Berlin)

creating realities brick by brick

We are Questions Collective: an Amsterdam based interdisciplinary collective. We combine our backgrounds in design, art, theatre, music and choreography in workshops, performances, exhibitions and theatre productions. Questions Collective creates performative installations grounded in a sincere occupation with social issues. Our stage is everyday life, where we create new realities. We don’t propose an alternative reality, but manifest it in daily life and real time. Our aim is questioning the status quo and effectuate true societal change to create a new world.

We live in a time of competing stories. Right now we see many rivalling world views collide. New stories of national, gender and class identity arise. It’s not clear what the overriding story will be, if there will be one. It is the task of artists to take a lead in telling these stories as to create new realities. Once stories take a hold of people’s imagination, they are real, and shape society.

As artists and designers we have a giant responsibility, we are the ones to actively shape reality. We see the future as a construction that we can build, one brick at a time. A solution to the paralysis that seems to take hold of a lot of people who aren't satisfied with the status quo but don’t know how to change it. In our performance “Dat Wat We Doen” from 2016 we talked about these dreams of a new future. “And then I hear people dreaming about walls, they dream out loud and tell their dreams so often they become reality. I want to do the same! Dreaming, out loud. Not those walls. I don’t dream about walls that separate, I dream about roads that connect. I’m happy you’re here, I will need you for this.”

We as an interdisciplinary collective have experienced the power of co-creating. We do not only want to create ourselves but most importantly: enable others to make. We believe that we need to start making more outside the walls of institutions like musea. It also leads us to believe we need to reconsider the choices we make about the media we need to use to tell our stories. To us context is vital, so we need to always be looking for the right place and medium to create and present our stories.

The works we make resonate with people, on a conceptual and emotional level. We don’t shy away from political statements and complex subject matter. Breunion Boys is a good example of this: We used a pop culture phenomenon to communicate a very political message in a grid locked debate. And this approach succeeded in creating new dialogues. 
The form of our work is site-specific, not confined to one single medium. A factory hall, an upcoming neighbourhood, a political climate, a shopping street. These are all environments we interact with. Resulting in installations, video, music, poetry, theatre, internet and performance art.

Our visual language is based on colourful clarity. We use our physical appearance to create a consistent identity for the collective. The colour coded uniforms we wear make us immediately recognisable. And they are part of the holistic structure of our collective: every colour stands for a specific skillset. We use this visual language to seduce people to interact with our work. This makes our projects inclusive: we actively look for audiences that are not usually exposed to art.