Foundation - a multidisciplinair performative installation about the cosmetic role of the artist in the process of gentrification

‘The Dutch group Questions Collective (...) use larger-than-life beauty tools to draw metaphorical connections between the “beautification” of womens’ bodies using cosmetics and neighborhood gentrification. The collective addresses the role of artists, often cited by real estate speculators as “tastemakers” and “early-adopters”, in the transformation of cities into economically exclusive playgrounds for the bourgeoisie.’

- Performance is Alive


Foundation is part of Art in Odd Places (AiOP) 2018 Festival Exhibition BODY: Unseen/Reclaimed at Westbeth Gallery.

Performance: Fri Oct 12th, Sat Oct 13th, Sun Oct 14th from 2pm - 3pm (14th Street/Highline, NYC)

Exhibition: Oct 5th –27th, 2018

Westbeth Gallery Hours: Tue–Sun, 12–6 pm (55 Bethune St, NYC)