Foundation (2018):

A multidisciplinair performative installation about the cosmetic role of the artist in the process of gentrification.

Curated by Katya Grokhovsky for Art in Odd Places (AiOP) 2018 Festival Exhibition BODY: Unseen/Reclaimed at Westbeth Gallery, NYC.

How to Vlog (2018)

An interactive installation/workshop in collaboration with Cinekid Festival.

Sensitive Bricks (2017):

A mixed media art installation about Mount Fuji, the striving of human being to be as big as a wonder of nature, the beauty of failing and being small after all.

Curated by Zoe Reddy for the Refuge Academy exhibition at Kadmium Delft.


Expeditie Holenkwartier/Expedition Holenkwartier  (2017):               

QC was invited to create an experience in an abandoned factory, revealing its history and future.

Produced by Karavaan.

 Bureaucracy Rules (2017):      

QC got invited to act as bouncers at the Club Rules party hosted in Sexyland. QC created an inimitable system with questions and rows before visitors were allowed in.

Dat wat we doen / The things we do (2016):    

A theatrical piece where QC created a dream-factory inside an abandoned factory.

Produced by Karavaan 

Internet The Musical (2016):

Internet the Musical 1.0 was a show rehearsed online and performed in the analogue world by a large group of internet enthousiasts.


All of Us (2014):             

A Science Fiction on the dramatically changed society of 2095.


Tears of the Sun (2012):

Movie and fashion collection made in the hope grief becomes wearable.


Questions Collective consists of:

Céline Talens: Theatre director & Performer (Antwerp University, Sandberg Institute).

Julia Veldman C: Visual Storyteller (Design Academy Eindhoven).

ROOSPEEE: Artist & Musician (Auto-didact).

Tessel Brühl: Artist & Designer (Design Academy Eindhoven, Sandberg Institute).

Flavia Faas: Composer & Dancer (Conservatorium of Amsterdam, Hochschule für die Darstellenden Künste Die Etage Berlin)