Want to move?

We are looking for a large group of participants in Berlin for a potentially world changing project.

All ages, genders and body types are welcome.

Great! Tell me more!
The Auction of Venice
is a project by Questions Collective (NL): a non-binary, feminist, interdisciplinary art collective that wants to get rid of the system at the core of our harmful behaviour. At this performance we will start a movement to end the accounting paradigm.

What will happen?
At July 7th we will perform an instant group choreography at Radialsystem in Berlin. The moves of this choreography will be rehearsed and explained 1 time on Sunday 7th. You will also receive an instruction video by email to learn the basics of the actual movements. They are easy but it will work best when everyone comes prepared. 

This group choreography is part of a presentation by Questions Collective. Questions Collective wants to start a movement to move beyond our current system of balanced bookkeeping.

Our movement is a way to mine a new cryptocurrency. With this cryptocurrency you can invest in our project to actually make it happen. We hope people all over the world will start dancing to mine. On July 7th, the first coin will be mined through our group choreography! We hope you want to be part of it too! (read more below on Why we should move beyond balanced bookkeeping)

When and How long will it take?
The presentation will be in the afternoon (exact time tba, after 15hrs), and will last 30 minutes. The choreography will take approximately 10 minutes. However since we are part of a bigger program (Forecast Forum at Radial System, Berlin), we will send you the details of the exact time frame as soon as we know the full schedule of the program. 

DO YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE? Or do you have more questions?
Please send your name, email and telephone number to: info@questionscollective.com
(and yes, please bring your friends, family, fellow activists <3)


Double bookkeeping, or balanced bookkeeping, was invented in Venice in 1494. After that, things happened fast. It brought us here, the most prosperous time ever. An unrivaled miracle for humanity. It has been great. But things have changed. Just like we no longer believe in only 4 elements, or buying our way into heaven we must stop seeing the world as divided into debit and credit.

The complexity of the (natural) world and society resists being recorded, journaled in the books and neatly balanced out. Because of that, this complexity has been ignored and disregarded for centuries.

But life is unbalanced, and our unwillingness to recognize this in our global economic system might ruin us. It is the cause of rising sea levels and monthly 500 year storms.

Therefore we must move beyond this belief in balance/ equilibrium. It is magical thinking, ritualistic like a baptism, voodoo or funeral. To mark the start of the new unbalanced paradigm of complexity we will perform a ritual of passage, a rebirth.

And what better than (financially and symbolically) liquidating the very birthplace of this system by selling it to the highest bidder? With the results, we will pay off the debts that burden millions of people today, so everyone can start the new day with a clean slate.